Kruse Center
Banquet Hall

This website is a constant work in progress - 
please check back often to see what is new at the kruse center. 

**Many changes took place at the Kruse Center in 2012. 

Some were planned, some were not.....but in the end, it was all good. 

Some changes you will notice immediately and other changes, you will never see, but what a difference they have made for us and you in the long run. 

Our first noticeable change ~~ NEW Carpeting.  After many discussions & changes we had a winner and the Fashion Shop guys moved in and had it completed  by the end of April.  
We have had SO MANY positive comments.   It's amazing how carpeting can change the whole "feel"  of a room. 
Our second noticeable change that started as,... just talk,.... that quickly  turned into "we are starting tomorrow!",  --  is our new parking lot!   It was quite the headache during the whole process but in the end it was all worth it.
We hope YOU appreciate our changes.

WAIT .... I guess we were not done

In November, the original front doors were retired and new ones have taken their place.  They look beautiful!
And to end the year in style, in December, we bought a 60" Plasma TV for slideshows, power points, and those important sporting events you just can't stand to miss! 
In June 2013, dance/tiled floor was stripped & rewaxed.  Oh My!!  What a difference that made - it looks awesome.

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