General Information

  • Everyone must be vacated from  the Kruse Center by Midnight Sun-Thurs & 1:00 am Fri & Sat
  • The bar stops serving alcohol at 11:30 pm Sun-Thurs & 12:30 am Fri & Sat.
  • ALL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED THE NIGHT OF  YOUR EVENT.  If you think that will be a problem talk to AMY BEFORE your Event.  DO NOT ask the Bartenders the night of your Event.

Setting up for your Event

We provide: 40 rectangular tables (seats 8-10), 34 round tables (seats 6-8), and seating for 400.   

Renter is responsible for set-up/arrangement of tables & chairs, any table & chair coverings/linens, and any items needed for decorating (ladders, extension cords, power strips, etc). 

Use the Caterer of YOUR Choice

Kitchen is available for set-up & serving of catered or prepared food only, not to be used for food preparation.  Kitchen includes: sink, stove (for warming only),  microwave, coffee pots, and pass-thru window to the dance floor.  If


Sets up in the Southwest corner of the tiled dance floor.  Their equipment is to be plugged into the cluster of 4 outlets.  Please respect that we are located in a Residential Neighborhood. 

At the conclusion of your Event(events with bar/bartenders)

Our Bartenders will clear (drinks/plates only) off tables.  Renter is responsible for removing ALL decorations, table coverings and any other items brought in, then our Cleaning Staff will take care of the routine cleaning (sweeping, mopping, cleaning kitchen bar & restrooms, stacking chairs & putting away tables)  Any cleaning above that is considered excessive cleaning.  Everything must be removed the night of your Event, unless PRIOR arrangements have been made with AMY.  Do not ask the Bartenders the night of your Event.

Renting the Kruse Center


Renter is responsible for clearing tables of drinks/ food  and removal of ALL trash bags to the dumpster.  Our staff will take care of the routine cleaning and putting away of the chairs/tables.  Renter is to make sure ALL lights are turned off and ALL doors are locked before leaving.